About Us

As a professional financial consultant, I continually strive to see every client realize all of their financial dreams. Whether your goal is to save for a new home or your retirement, protecting loved ones from financial loses or managing your portfolio wisely, I have the experience and resources to meet your needs.

William Chan

Financial Consultant

Mr. William Chan has been working in the financial industry for over a decade. He graduated from McMaster University and then went on to finish his M.B.A. in University of Southern California.

He was the President of a local community Credit Union and graduated from the Credit Union Director Program. He has became a charter member of the Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies.

William's extensive experience and financial insight enable him to help his client's achieve their financial objectives. He is capable of assisting with all the various stages of a client's financial strategy; from their insurance needs, to powerful tax savings and investment planning ideas to critical estate preservation plans.

Not all advisors are made equally; Mr. Chan has maintained his independence from any particular firm's product. He will only give recommendation where it is rendered.